Covid-19 Drives Supply and Demand Disruption

Customer demand is heavily disrupted by the Corona virus. How does the sales forecast short, medium and long-term adapts to the different and continuously changing scenarios? Core is to understand which customer segments are affected and to simulate how article specific demand will develop eventually back to normal.

Suppliers from China or Italy may not deliver, other regions are also locked out soon. How long does this disruption take and how does this disturbs your customer demand fulfillment? How long does your inventory last given the change in demand?

Ent-to-End Enterprise Simulation

Firms try to capture the crisis complexity with Excel. But, the interaction between supply and demand disruption needs to be dynamically modeled and simulated based on historic enterprise data. IconicC uses Dispodyn AI-technology to model and simulate concurrent demand and supply disruptions:

  • Rigorous data defined ‘What if’ scenarios are simulated down to respective P&L effects.
  • Run scenarios like: what if my supplier is in Italy/ China or gets insolvent, what if my customer buys less than 50% for some time and many more.
  • Sensitivities for the crisis are introduced that has different phases, back to normal may take some quarters or even years?
  • Continuous update of external scenario driving data as the environment changes.

Crisis Scenario Simulation

IconicC digital provides AI-driven scenario simulation to analyze sales and supply chains that are in crisis and disruption.

  • Run demand and supply scenarios end-to-end with real data,
  • Calculate scenario effects down into the firm’s P&L statement,
  • Decide corrective action based on data- driven scenarios.