Who we are

IconicC provides consulting in the field of digital enterprise transformation with focus on process mining. The company has its advisory focus on applying this transformative technology to global supply chain management including procurement as well as production. It serves customers in the segment of automotive, discrete manufacturing and similar industries globally. IconicC has its roots in the energy, manufacturing and automotive industry.

What is Process Mining

IconicC Process Mining utilizes CelonisTM process mining technology to capture your end-to-end business processes. The technology utilizes the digital footprint generate by IT systems during operations. It provides an as-is view on the process reality by visualizing the existing data as they are generated by the respective processes. Thus, it should become a cornerstone in the digital enterprise transformation. Beyond transparency, process mining provides a greater understanding of organically grown process landscapes, including the actual behavior shown by involved entities.

Value-added by Process Mining

Many companies carry locked-in potential unquantified in their processes. Discovery leads most often to value from diagnostic insight when applying process mining. The transparency by the digital process twin becomes then a foundation upon tangible improvements can be achieved. IconicC strongly believes that linking company KPIs to Process Mining objectives is key for successful improvement initiatives.

Our Offering

Proof of Value provides a comprehensive understanding of the potential of Process Mining based on your existing data. Prototyping of selected processes are in the focus using standard­ized building blocks.

Process Diagnostics yields highly-quantified and actionable measures, also resulting in substantial and fast impact. Deep-dive analytics of processes and associated behaviour across systems boundaries enriched by industry expertise is utilized to fix deficits, creating best-in-class process landscapes.

Continuous Improvement embeds Process Mining into the organization’s DNA, striving for holistic process excellence by seamless integration of process mining capabilities and analysis blueprints into the corporate core.