IconicC provides consulting and interim management in the field of digital enterprise transformation. The company has its advisory focus on applying transformative technologies to global supply chain planning and execution including procurement as well as partnerships/alliance management. It serves customers in the segment of process industries and discrete manufacturing globally. IconicC has its roots in the automotive industry.

Typical advisory services comprise:

- Gobal project and program management of global supply chain planning and execution challenges

- Development innovation architectures and identification of applicable technologies to leverage business opportunities

- Execution of process change and implementation of respective IT driven process and data management

- Facilitating the organizational modification process and the human factor in any change

- Managing technology partnerships and collaborations including contracting along the entire value chain

- Managing partnerships between corporates and technology industry entrants as well as start-ups

- Business model transformation for digital solutions

- Advise of financial investors and financial institutions on automotive and mobility investments

IconicC uses a partner network to serve customer with specific know how. IconicC has successfully served customers in Europe, Japan, Korea and the US.