Our Vision of a Connected Car Experience

People spend a lot of time in cars and perceive this as unproductive and less meaningful. Even many modern cars lack a personalized user experience or allow only reduced functions. Thus, drivers use their mobile phone often for productivity and convenience, even when it is illegal and unsafe! Yes, you can mount the phone, but mounted phones have other restrictions. IconicC’s mission is to build a bridge between for meaningful customer experience and a reduce in distraction during driving. We believe this can only be achieved with a mobile phone centered approach. As customers are very well used to their preferred apps, any significant deviation from this experience is felt disturbing and might get rejected. So, we build IconicC DRIPHE on this notion.


Our product IconicC DRIPHE uses non-intrusive screen replica technologies to deploy and operate the mobile phone from a retrofit screen. It enlarges a simplified and white-listed mobile phone content to an antireflective retrofit screen near the driver’s preferred hand. The phone is also audio paired to the vehicle to allow for full voice control accompanying IconicC DRIPHE’s touch control. This ensures that the driver experiences a reduced distraction by using well-known applications. All tasks can be conducted independent of the vehicle embedded infotainment system. Customer can configure their phone to drive mode and restrict the use to certain drive-adapted applications which are white-listed and automatically activated when entering the car.

Creating a Unique In-Car Experience

IconicC DRIPHE strives for a unique customer experience with requirements for productivity, safety and convenience during long stay in cars. We focus on an effortless and convenient use after initial installation. IconicC DRIPHE delivers also a personalized in car experience parallel to driving related applications such as navigation when using larger screens. Customers can experience a new form of interaction during driving undelivered by current personal navigation device retrofits.