Time for the Next Level of Performance!

Many firms have gone through a long period of growth. This has often caused globally fragmented, distributed organizations with respective process and IT-landscapes along with its complexity at the firm’s boundaries. As growth slows the economic potential is to be discovered in your process’

Most companies carry locked-in potential unquantified in their business processes. However operational effectiveness drives competitive advantage that means performing processes better, faster, or with fewer inputs and deficits than rivals. So, for any given set of best-practices how far is your organization from best-in-class and the productivity frontier?

Digital Process Analytics

Digital Process Analytics generates a digital process twin to analyse your processes. It provides a process-centric end-to-end performance analyses otherwise often invisible for organizations. IconicC combines process expertise with data scientiest competence for producing industries. We offer use case based solutions that start and end with performance improvement as the overall objective.

Use Cases (Examples)

  • Inventory turn affecting working capital
  • Compare performance between sites or suppliers
  • Process efficiency like % of direct runners
  • Identification of manual rework and corrections
  • Source-to-delivery cycle times

Purchase-to-pay (by Celonis)

The following short video demonstrates process mining for the purchase-to-pay process. Purchase-to-pay is a process that links the upstream value contribution of suppliers to the firm. The process connects the procurement of goods and services to the accounting of the supplier remuneration.